Sunday, March 1, 2015


Happy March! I can't believe spring is almost here! I have some ideas that hopefully will inspire you and motivate you this month. First of all, it's time to spring-clean. It always makes me feel good to deep-clean and to get rid of some old decor that I may be bored with or that I've had a long time and start with something new! I like to go shopping for a few new decorations for the house to help spruce it up. It doesn't take much and doesn't have to be expensive. A new plant here, a new lamp there and maybe a freshly scented candle.                                                                                          Also, I like to find new ways to relax. For example, I adore little shortbread cookies and I love to dip them in hot green tea! And who doesn't enjoy a nice bubble bath with a good book!                                                                                                                                                     As far as style goes, I like to wear caftans around the house. They're beautiful, comfortable and never go out of style! I have a wonderful collection to wear during different seasons of the year. My favorite one is my animal print. Everyone knows I love animal print! Lol. In fact, I'm pictured wearing one of my beautiful caftans in my fashion book that's already published and due out this fall! So come on, let's get busy!

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