Tuesday, June 28, 2016


     Ok, I admit that I like to people-watch and I think a lot of us do. Sometimes it can be entertaining to people-watch at the mall or while on vacay. I like to watch people for fashion/style inspiration. It's called street style! :-)
     However, sometimes people can be critical, especially about how we're dressed. But do you know who's the most critical of you?.......you! Yes, a lot of us tend to be too hard on ourselves about our body type, our hair and our style. Though it's comforting to know that a lot of us have family, friends and significant others that support us and accept the way we look, but we still tend to want to be accepted by society and strangers. Research shows that women, especially, can be harsh and judgmental towards eachother on how we're dressed. Research also shows that a lot of women dress for other women rather than wearing something they think their boyfriend or husband would like them to wear. Also, a good percentage of women admit that they will refuse to have their picture taken with someone better looking.
     But then there's the percent of women who admit that their looks have helped them get a job, better service at a place of business and has even helped them get out of a ticket.......must be nice. :-)
     It's very interesting to see some women who spend a lot of money on their appearance and they admit they do it more for themselves than for anyone else. Hey, if it makes you feel better about yourself and builds up your self confidence, then why not? But as for me, I admit I'm a scaredy cat and I'm too lazy to put 2 hours into fixing myself up. It usually takes me about 5 minutes to do my hair, unless I'm doing something special with it, and about 12 minutes for my makeup...... (I call it warpaint) ;-)
     Well, I hope you enjoyed this observation and like I said in my book, it's always important to make an effort. You'll look good and feel good!