Tuesday, April 14, 2015


     When we think "style" the first thing that usually comes to mind is fashion. However, it goes far beyond that. For example, style can and should be incorporated into our everyday lives in all aspects of our lives, like decorating, how we present our food to guests, and even how we manicure our lawns.                                                                           We use our vintage wedding China at least twice a week. If you've been fantasizing about installing a chandelier in your master bathroom then, by God, do it! Look, life is short. I wear my diamonds and bling EVERYDAY, even just to go to the grocery store. Why not? If you have a beautiful semiformal or formal dress but have no place to wear it, then darling, you FIND a place to wear it and enjoy it! You have to make your dreams come true no matter how big or small and do it with style!                                                                             Life is not suppose to be boring. Have fun everyday, regardless of your current circumstances. I truly believe you'll be much happier! ;-)