Sunday, July 26, 2015


     Did you know that the legendary fashion designer, Coco Chanel, was born in 1883 and was raised in an orphanage and was taught to sew? She also had a brief career as a singer and opened her first clothing shop in 1910.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


     After the many requests I have received, I've decided to revamp my company websites and to change my Facebook Fashion Business page to my Lifestyle/Fashion Page! So I'll be showing fun and inspirational photos everyday! I'll be posting information and photos of decorating ideas, recipes, food and, of course, fashion!                                                         So this Fashion Blog site will be a weekly blog of posts of other style, beauty and fashion tips and advice!


     Summer is a fun time to wear shorts, flip flops, swimsuits and tanktops! So let's remember that although we want to be sure we look stylish, we also want to take care of our skin. It's VERY important to use sunscreen and to stay hydrated. Wearing sunglasses and big floppy hats is another stylish way to protect our skin. So let's continue to enjoy our summer! :-)